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Mulch films not only maintain the quality of soil but also aid in the faster growth of plants. By reflecting light, it ensures controlled growth of weeds as photosynthesis process will not be carried out. Mulching film in agriculture is the next big thing! The plastic used in the film offers great advantages blocking in moisture that further results in less water evaporation for loose and well aerated soil, reducing the need of compaction.

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  • Length - 400m, 1000m Diameter

  • Thickness - 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 Micron

  • Width:30cm to 150cm 

  • Applications : Agricultural Farms, Horticulture 

  • Material : LDPE/ LLDPE 

  • Packaging : Roll or Cartons or Pallets

As a Manufacturer, we can Customise as per Requirements


  • Controls weed growth 

  • Protects crops against insects 

  • Earlier Harvest 

  • Prevents penetration of heat into the ground 

  • Reduces the use of herbicides and pesticides 

  • Helps in Fumigation

  • Aids in faster growth of crops 

  • Reduces soil compaction 

  • Keep fertilisers & nutrients closer to the plant 

  • Prevents drowning of crops


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